Benefits of Red Light Therapy at Home

As technology continues to advance post-pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home and less at the office, gym, or spa.

Just as virtual meetings and working on the cloud have made it unnecessary to go to the office, advances in red light therapy (RLT) have brought the benefits of red light therapy into the comfort and privacy of your own home.

An At Home Red Light Therapy Mask
“I love the red light therapy at Your Journey Health Club that is offered, what a game changer! I saw a huge change in my skin, brighter, smaller pores, less acne, all of the things! And getting to sit in the massage chair and get a massage during treatment, is just an amazing added bonus. I loved the red light therapy so much I decided to invest in a mask to use at home! My skin is looking better than it ever has and I’m so grateful for these amenities that are offered here!”

Advantages of Red Light Therapy for Home Use

From enhancing skin health to improving mental health, having the best red light therapy devices at your fingertips can have a lot of advantages, such as:

Promotes Skin Health and Recovery

One of the most well-documented advantages of RLT is its ability to promote skin health. NASA scientists noticed wounds on their hands healing faster when they worked under red lights being used to encourage photosynthesis in potatoes (source).

Ongoing research has found that red light could improve the complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce acne. It stimulates collagen production, a key protein responsible for maintaining the skin’s firmness and youthful appearance. It can also speed up the healing time for cuts, burns, abrasions, and even post-surgical wounds. (source).

Red light therapy also guards against UV damage, offering both healing and preventative benefits. It stimulates melanocyte production, which can darken light spots and curb depigmentation in pigmentary disorders like vitiligo.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

The anti-inflammatory properties of red light therapy can improve chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis or muscle soreness. By reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation to affected areas, RLT can alleviate pain and improve mobility.

When applied to the skin, red light has been shown to lessen pain associated with conditions like neuropathies and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-I (source).

Enhance Athletic Performance

RLT can reduce muscle fatigue and accelerate recovery after strenuous physical activity, enhancing athletic performance and reducing the risk of injury. Studies have found that RLT before and after exercise significantly reduced muscle soreness post-workout, improved performance, and increased muscle mass gained after training.

Supports Mental Well-being

Emerging research suggests that RLT may also have benefits for mental health, including reducing symptoms of depression (including seasonal effective disorder) and anxiety and improving Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Results seem to happen quickly, often just after one hour of treatment.

Why Choose Red Light Therapy for Home Use?

Red Light Therapy has been found to be safe and have no side effects when used correctly (source), even when cancerous legions are present (source). Daily or three-a-week sessions of 10 – 30 minutes are often recommended for optimal results, but it can be hard to get to our health club that often.

The best at-home red light therapy allows you to tailor treatment sessions according to your schedule. Whether you are smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, speeding up wound healing, or addressing a skin pigment disease, you can customize treatment intensity and duration.

Some studies have even found that whether you are awake or asleep may affect light therapy benefits. A red light home treatment enables you to experiment with what treatment schedule works best for you.

If you are hoping to use RLT to improve your mood, you may find that pairing it with soothing music, aromatherapy, etc. can enhance your treatment in a way that would likely not be possible at our health club.

While the initial investment in the best red light therapy for home use may be higher than a single treatment session at a clinic, the long-term savings are considerable, especially if you use it frequently.

Your Journey Health Club’s Own Red Light Masks Are Now Available

At home redlight therapy mask

You can get your own Red Light mask directly from our online store or come into our health club and pick one up today! For the days you can’t make it to our club, or those busy schedules, this is a great alternative to our own Red Light Therapy treatments.

How to Choose the Best Red Light Therapy for Home Use

The strongest red light therapy at home is as good as at a salon or health club treatment. However, choosing the right device is critical. Only consider devices that boast clinically proven benefits, are FDA CE, and TGA-cleared, and dermatologist-recommended.

Look for a warranty for at least a year so you know you will get your money out of this investment.

Our Omnilux Contour Red Light Masks is a great option for at home use.

Opt for a device that offers a combination of red and near-infrared LEDs, as these wavelengths are what penetrate the skin and promote cellular repair. Look for at least 100 LEDs emitting wavelengths of at least 600nm (red) and 800nm (near-infrared).

Since you will likely be using red light therapy for home use often, choose a flexible design that’s easy to use, with a rechargeable controller. Seek out perks like adjustable straps, a carry bag, and various power supply adaptors. 

A design that targets the area you want to focus on is pivotal. The light needs to consistently make contact with your skin to get results. So, if you would like to improve the skin on your face or target light to the frontal lobe for depression relief or aid in Alzheimer’s symptoms, make sure to choose a mask that keeps light consistent on every plane in your face.

Want to eliminate that pesky discoloration and roughness on your neck and chest? A contoured mask for that area is your best option. 

If you want to target your face, Omnilux Contour Face is our recommendation, while for chest and neck care, Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté is your best option. These products check all the boxes for a superior red light therapy home treatment and come at a price that offers tremendous savings.