• Group Classes & Sauna
    Our basic level membership that gives you access to our gym and saunas
    5 Group Fitness Sessions
    Unlimited Sauna Sessions
  • Recovery Package
    Our recovery package gives you unlimited access to our Saunas
    Unlimited Access To Saunas
    8 Sessions Red Light Therapy with Massage Chair
    8 Sessions Cryotherapy
    1 CBD Balm
  • Premium Membership
    Our premium membership that gives you access to Gym & Saunas
    Book Up To 12 Group Classes
    8 Sessions Red Light Therapy with Massage Chair
    4 Sessions Cryotherapy
    Full Access to Open Gym
    Full Access to Sauna
    Weekly Coaching with Accountability Check-ins
    Nutrition Check-ins and Adjustments

A-la-Carte Menu:

Group Fitness:

5-Pack Group Fitness Sessions$125 (3-month expiration)Buy Now 5-Pack
10-Pack Group Fitness Session$220 (6-month expiration)Buy Now 10-Pack


Nutrition Plan with Accountability$250 (one-time, 1 month)Sign Up Nutrition Plan

Private Training

Private, 1:1 Personal Training, 8-Pack$650Sign Up Private Training

Red-Light Therapy

1-Pack Therapy Session, 20 minutes$20Buy Now
1-Pack Therapy Session with Massage Chair$30Buy Now


1-Pack Cryo Session, 3-5 minutes$20Buy Now


1-Pack Therapy Session, 20 minutes$25Buy Now 1-Pack
3-Pack Therapy Session, 20 minutes$60Buy Now 3-Pack


6-Pack Cryo & Red Light Therapy Sessions (3 of each)$140 (1-month expiration)Buy Now
12-Pack Cryo & Red Light Therapy Sessions (6 of each)$280 (1-month expiration)Buy Now

Facial Treatments

European Deluxe Facial$150 (One Facial)Buy Now
Elite Renewal Facial$200 (One Facial)Buy Now
Elite Renewal Facial$750 (Package of 4)Buy Now

Traditional Eastern Therapies

Initial Visit (Acupuncture & Cupping)$125Buy Now
Follow-up Visit (Acupuncture & Cupping)$100Buy Now

Body Sculpting & Facial Rejuvenation

Body Sculpting$1,600 (Package of 6)Buy Now
Facial Rejuvenation$1,200 (Package of 6)Buy Now

Advanced Injection Therapies

Weight Loss Injections

Lipotropic Bundle for Weight Loss$55 (2 shots weekly)Buy Now
Superlipotropic Bundle for Weight Loss$85 (3 shots weekly)Buy Now

Vitamin and Wellness Injections

B12 Injection$30Buy Now
Flu Buster (Immune Boosting)$55Buy Now
Traumeel (Homeopathic Pain Relief)$50Buy Now
NO-TOX BOTOX Facial InjectionsStarting at $350Buy Now

A La Cart Therapies

Cupping$50Buy Now
Add-on Mind/Body Balancing Acupuncture with any Facial$30Buy Now

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