Recovery Package

For $250 per month

Welcome to Your Journey Health Club, where we are all about living your best life! Get ready to improve your health journey with our Recovery Membership Package – It’s your ticket to unlimited Sauna use, red light therapy, cryotherapy and one cbd balm oil each month.

For $250 a month, you receive access to everything you need to recover from your workouts or injury. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Recovery Membership package.

Book Unlimited Sauna Use.

Want unlimited access to our saunas? With this package you will be given a code that will allow you to use our saunas whenever you want.

Receive 1 CBD Balm Oil Each Month

With your membership you will receive a CBD balm that will help sooth your muscles and bring relief where you need it. This is the same CBD balm oil we sell in our online shop.

Use Our Massage Chair

Relax with 8 Red Light Therapy & Massage Chair Sessions

Kick back in our cool red light massage chairs. Eight sessions to melt away tension, improve your complexion, reduce muscle soreness, and leave you feeling like a brand new you.

Cool Down With Eight 3-5 Minute Cryotherapy Sessions

Experience the chill vibes of cryotherapy in just 3-5 minutes. It’s like a mini vacation for your body – recovery, energy boost, and all. Our targeted Cryotherapy panels ensure the cold is targeted where you need it, rather than a full body icy plunge.

Cryotherapy Services

Access 24/7 with Your Own Code

This is your gym. No, we mean it. Really. Come and go as you please, as much as you like. Your personalized code opens the doors whenever you want. Whether it’s an early-morning workout or a late-night zen session, you’re in control.

Your Ticket to a Healthier Life

This Unlimited Membership isn’t just a pass; it’s your ticket to a happier, healthier version of you. Invest in yourself and join a community dedicated to your overall health and wellness. 

Let’s make every day a celebration of your well-being. Elevate, energize, and experience the best with our Unlimited Membership. Your journey to feeling awesome starts here!

Join Our Recovery Membership

Why wait another moment to start your health and fitness journey? With our top-notch health club, comprehensive strength training equipment, and soothing sauna services, we’ve got everything you need for optimum physical health and mental wellness.