Group Classes

It can be hard to get yourself to the gym. It’s so tempting to stay on the couch, and are your workouts even working? That’s why we offer invigorating group classes to fuel your motivation and ensure your workouts are maximized.

Forget about workout planning, guesswork or worries that you’re not doing the exercises correctly, potentially reducing effectiveness or even causing yourself injury. Our experts won’t just support and cheer you on, they will craft every aspect of your workout for maximum effectiveness and safety.

Our unique approach to group fitness classes centers on tailor-made strength training, designed not just to meet your immediate fitness goals, but also to promote longevity and a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Our Methodology

  • Limited to 7 Participants: Our classes are intentionally small, limited to 7 participants so you get the attention you need.
  • Focus on Longevity: Our strength training is not just about getting fit; it’s about staying fit for life.
  • Optimal Body Composition: Through our specialized programs, you’ll build lean muscle mass, enhancing your metabolism and overall body composition.
  • Resist the Routine: Our resistance-based training challenges your body, preventing  lean muscle loss.
  • Tailored to You: Every exercise routine we create considers your unique fitness level, goals, and previous workouts.

In Our Classes Your Needs Come First

Our small group classes enable individualized attention from the instructor, while still offering the motivation of a group class. These intimate classes are limited to just seven participants at a time, so you will never feel overlooked or underserved.

We recognize the importance of not overtraining–if you worked hard on your legs yesterday, today’s class will focus on another area. In our classes your body always gets the balanced workout it needs.

Our strength-focused sessions visibly sculpt muscle tone, giving you that coveted lean and toned physique while enhancing your metabolic rate so your body will continue to burn calories even when at rest.

Our user-friendly booking system lets you reserve multiple training sessions in advance and cancel up to 24 hours before the session, making it easy to fit your group classes into your busy schedule. 

Find Your Group

Come meet like-minded individuals in highly tailored and customized classes; all focused on toning muscle and lifting weights. Experience the support as you are challenged with plenty of instructor attention in small class sizes. Break the monotony of your workout routine and find a way to make workouts fun with our group classes.