Massage Therapy

We have specialty massages that cater to your specific needs, whether you’re recovering from surgery, in need of an immunity boost, or just want to feel better overall.

Looking for relief from chronic tension? How about effective drug-free pain management? 

We have specialty massages that cater to your specific needs, whether you’re recovering from surgery, in need of an immunity boost, or just want to feel better overall. Here are the specialty massages we offer and who they may be perfect for.

Reflexology Massage

Our reflexology massage is 60 minutes of Thai foot reflexology. In this ancient therapy, the massage therapist uses a smooth wooden stick to apply calculated pressure to specific acupressure points in the foot believed to be linked to vital organs. Applying pressure to these points can reduce pain and improve organ function. 

Before the massage, heated towels soothe and soften your muscles. After the massage, a 20-minute infrared sauna or spot cryotherapy treatment, whichever you prefer, is the perfect way to decompress after the massage. 

The soothing heat of our infrared sauna relaxes, detoxifies, and improves circulation, while spot cryotherapy delivers targeted cold therapy to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic drainage massage is a 60-75 minute session of methodically applied pressure in rhythmic circular movements, stimulating the natural flow of lymph in your body and opening up the pathways of your circulatory system, boosting your immune system and decreasing inflammation. It can also reduce uncomfortable water retention. This treatment is particularly useful during post-op periods. 

When the massage is over, relax and detoxify in a 20-minute session in our state-of-art infrared sauna.

Therapeutic Massage

Moderate to deep pressure expertly delivered by our adept therapists targets exactly the muscle groups that are causing you trouble in this 60 minute session. Light stretching throughout improves flexibility and dissipates trapped energy.

Heated towels before the therapy open up and detoxify your pores while relaxing your muscles. We use essential Aromatherapy oils of superb therapeutic quality to complement your experience and help you fully relax.

After the massage, pick between a 20-minute infrared sauna session or cryotherapy spot treatment. The sauna session will boost blood circulation, detox the body, and boost muscle recovery. Cryotherapy treatment employs icy temperatures to reduce inflammation, ease pain, and spark your body’s natural healing.

NeoLifting© Facial + Buccal Massage with Red Light

Enjoy an hour and a half of nourishing relaxation and facial revitalization with our NeoLifting© Facial + Buccal Massage with Red Light. Ten minutes of mindful breathing exercises melt your tension away, preparing your body and mind. This step is essential to begin lymph drainage in the body. 

Next, a 20-minute session of facial lymphatic drainage massage gently rids your face of toxins, preparing the skin for the next phase, which is the truly incredible part of this massage. 

In the 20-minute face sculpting and modeling phase, our skilled massage therapists create contours, define your features, and improve your overall complexion by boosting circulation. This incredible treatment acts like a natural facelift, actually reshaping the look of your face naturally. 

The next 20 minutes are a unique experience that many people find incredibly soothing. Massage therapists work around your jaw and even from inside your mouth in this buccal inner-cheek massage. These techniques are crafted to relieve tension in the tissue and muscles around your jaw that often hold a lot of stress but rarely have a chance to relax. 

For the final 5 minutes of the massage a stimulating scalp massage invigorates your mind, and improves blood circulation in your scalp while releasing tension from the temporal muscles.  

Followed with a 20 minute session of deep penetrating red light therapy finishes the session, tightening your skin and relaxing your muscles still further.

To complete this nourishing experience receive a free 15 minute sound healing session to deepen relaxation and rejuvenation. Sound healing is based on the scientific principles that all matter, and most importantly, the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy, and to a dissonant frequency when in dis-ease. Sound healing has been used for thousands of years to heal and energize the body, mind, and emotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Massage Therapy FAQ

A NeoLifting© Facial + Buccal Massage rejuvenates and lift the skin using a combination of kneading, tapping, and squeezing, to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Just about anyone can enjoy a NeoLifting© Facial + Buccal Massage, but it’s particularly helpful if you want to relax tense facial muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Hot towels soothe and soften your muscles, preparing them for treatment. The sensation of hot towels is pleasant and relaxing as well, preparing your mind for massage as well as your body.

Red Light Therapy bathes your skin with therapeutic red light to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and improve the appearance of fine lines.

By increasing the movement of lymph and disposal of toxins, this massage accelerates the healing process.

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