The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes: Finding Motivation in Community

Group classes are so much more than just another option in how to exercise while saving money on a personal trainer. Studies have shown that the benefits of group fitness actually go much further, enabling you to exercise better and stick to it longer.

According to research from Iowa State University, nearly 40% of regular exercisers participate in group fitness classes, and for good reason.

Here’s why group classes may actually be more effective than exercising alone, and how to find the best group exercise classes in Trinity Florida.

People in a group exercise class in Trinity Florida

Why Group Classes?

Increase Motivation

When you work out with others, their enthusiasm and commitment can inspire you to push harder and stay consistent​​. Knowing that your fitness buddies and instructors are expecting you can be just the nudge you need to stick with your routine.

According to a study by Iowa State University, social interactions in group exercise can significantly influence your attitudes towards working out, making it more enjoyable and sustainable​ (Department of Kinesiology)​.

When you see others regularly attending classes and enjoying their workouts, it shapes your perception of exercise as “positive, common, and desirable”. This social influence helps form long lasting exercise habits and overcome mental barriers, just as this review of Your Journey Health Club mentions:

The Benefits of Group Classes: Finding Motivation in Community review

Reduce Stress

One study found that participants in group exercise programs had a 26% reduction in stress and significant improvements in mental, physical, and emotional quality of life compared to those who exercised alone​​. The group class support system can alleviate the stress of daily life.

Sharing the workout experience with others can create a sense of camaraderie and belonging, which are essential for mental well-being.

Exercise Better

Exercising with others is likely to improve your performance. The “Köhler Effect,” as described by researchers at Kansas State University, suggests that individuals tend to work harder and longer when they exercise with someone they perceive to be more capable than themselves​​.

In fact, people increased their workout intensity and time by a whopping 200% when they thought the person they were working out with was better than they were at the exercise.

Interestingly, they got better the longer they worked out with the other person, perhaps because they would build a “rapport” over time.

exercise better with a group of people

How Our Group Classes are Scientifically Geared to Improve Your Motivation and Performance

The research from Kansas State University found that participants pushed themselves harder when they felt slightly outmatched.

However, the study also found that if the partner was too much better, the motivation diminished. When participants felt the gap between their abilities and their partner’s was too wide, they became discouraged and less motivated to keep up. Finding the right level of challenge is crucial to achieving the Köhler Effect.

At Your Journey Health Club, we understand the importance of creating the right group dynamics in our classes. We’ll guide you through our classes and instructors to help you find a group that motivates you, whether you’re just starting out or looking to push your limits.

Group Workouts vs. Individual Workouts

The Motivation Factor

When you work out alone, it’s easy to skip sessions or not push yourself as hard.

Without the accountability that comes with group exercise, maintaining a consistent workout routine can be challenging–especially if there are people in your life encouraging you to do something other than work out.

Fitness buddies and instructors expecting you can provide the nudge you need to stick with your routine.

Avoiding Monotony

Solo workouts can be pretty boring. Without the variety that group classes offer, it’s easy to fall into a repetitive and uninspiring exercise pattern that feels like a drag you dread.

Our group classes keep things exciting with different routines, energetic instructors, and a dynamic environment to prevent plateaus in your fitness progress.

Learn Better

In a group setting, you have the opportunity to learn not just from the instructor, but also from your classmates. Observing others and seeing the instructor work with them offers invaluable insights to help you improve your own technique. 

Staying motivated in a group fitness class in Trinity

Transitioning to Group Workouts

Thinking about joining a group class but not sure where to start? At Your Journey Health Club, we understand that transitioning from solo workouts to group classes can be a big step. We’re here to smooth that transition:

Check Out Our Class Schedule

Explore the variety of group classes we offer at Your Journey Health Club and find a schedule that is designed to accommodate different fitness levels and preferences.

Talk to a Trainer

Our trainers know their classes, so they are your best bet for finding a group that will challenge you without overwhelming you. They can introduce you to the basics, explain what to expect, and provide tips on how to get the most out of your workout.

Our trainers will help build your confidence so you can join in without any worries. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek advice; we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Commit to a Few Sessions

Give group workouts a fair chance by taking a couple of classes to get into the groove and get a better sense of the class dynamics, the instructor’s style, and how your body responds to the workouts.

It’s just a matter of finding the right class and instructor that fits your preferences, but you won’t know what’s working if you don’t take the time to see if you’ll settle in.

The Benefits of Group Classes: Finding Motivation in Community review

Join Us For Group Fitness Classes in Trinity

Group workouts offer increased motivation, improved performance, and a powerful sense of community. Our small class sizes ensure you get personalized attention from our trainers while enjoying the energy and motivation of working out with a class that you’re well matched with.

Visit us for a complimentary tour and let us help you find the perfect class for your fitness goals. Our trainers are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you feel confident and excited about your fitness journey.

Tap into the collective enthusiasm and commitment of group workouts and break the monotony of working out solo. Push harder, stay consistent, and achieve your fitness goals with group workouts.

We’re excited to welcome you to our group classes at Your Journey Health Club. For more information or to sign up for a class that fits your fitness level and goals give us a call at (727) 232-6567. Let’s work together to find the perfect group that will help you thrive on your fitness journey!